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Parking Management Solutions for Office Environments with SP+ Corporation and Sphere Technology.

Our services encompass parking management solutions that include support for digital commerce technology, business intelligence, and customized office parking programs.
With a workforce of 20,000 nationally, SP+ supports all its technology solutions with boots-on-ground experts.
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Facility Optimization

Maximize revenue while optimizing space utilization.

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Sustainable and Green Initiatives

Reduce vehicle congestion by leveraging technology and providing access to green energy.

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Improved Customer Experiences

Simplify the parking journey by providing a streamlined and frictionless experience.

Solutions that enhance the Office parking experience.

We ensure that our clients' facilities utilize the latest technology to reduce costs, increase revenue and provide a unique customer experience.

Our solutions focus on maximizing revenue streams for commercial real estate owners. Through demand-based pricing and flexible rate structures, we ensure that parking assets generate optimal revenue while remaining competitive in the market.

For example, our parking solutions:

  • Ensure commercial real estate parking facilities are efficiently utilized, especially in the hybrid work model where employees split their time between working remotely and coming to the office.

  • Use Sphere technology to implement dynamic space utilization strategies that optimize parking capacity and minimize congestion.

  • Deliver real-time data and analytics that enable efficient allocation of parking spaces, ensuring maximum utilization and seamless traffic flow.

With the hybrid work model, commercial real estate owners need the flexibility to adapt their parking management strategies based on changing demand. A strong parking management program can provide the necessary flexibility and scalability by:

  • Dynamic pricing models that implement flexible pricing structures to accommodate varying parking demands during different days of the week or times of the day.
  • Scalable technology solutions with parking technologies that easily scale up or down to match fluctuating parking requirements, accommodating changes in the workforce size, and work schedules.

We have numerous solutions that support the parking industry’s emerging sustainable and green initiatives such as:

  • Environmental Footprint Reduction with Sphere technology promotes sustainability by optimizing parking operations and reducing vehicle congestion through efficient space utilization. This eco-friendly initiative contributes to lower carbon emissions and supports green initiatives for office environments.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure is backed by SP+ Corporation’s commitment to sustainable solutions, including the integration of EV charging stations within parking assets. Sphere technology facilitates the management and monitoring of EV charging infrastructure, supporting the growing demand for electric mobility.

Ensuring an office facility’s commuters and visitors have access to an improved experience that leverages the latest in operational management and technology ensures that every parker will have an optimal parking experience:

  • Seamless Parking Journey: Sphere technology offers a user-friendly experience, enabling employees and visitors to easily find parking, reserve spaces, and make payments through mobile apps or web platforms. This frictionless parking experience enhances tenant and visitor satisfaction.
  • Boots-on-Ground Expertise: With a workforce of 20,000 nationally, SP+ supports all its technology solutions with boots-on-ground experts for prompt resolution and enhancement.

Managing premium office buildings across North America.

  • 100 E. Wisconsin
  • 125 High Street
  • 1700 Market Street
  • 300 N. LaSalle
  • 400 Poydras
  • 555 California
  • 75 State Street
  • Brookfield Place
  • Chancellor Park
  • Duke Energy Center
  • Greenwood Corporate Plaza
  • Hearst Tower
  • Houston Center
  • Key Tower
  • Landmark Center
  • Lincoln Place 
  • Metropolitan Square Building
  • MGM Tower
  • NBC Tower
  • One Allen Center

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Creating a blend of best-in-class operations expertise and technology

By combining the best in operational management and industry leading technology, SP+ can deliver increased revenue opportunities while reducing expenses.

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