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Our Brands

Sphere is a suite of industry-leading technology solutions that drive end-to-end mobility and delivers a frictionless experience.  Supporting Commerce, Business Intelligence, Remote Management. Custom Solutions, and Travel, this technology improves operations and drive incremental revenue.

With a goal of making travel easier® Bags leverage a technology platform that support the streamlining of the traveler journey.  From remote and curbside check-in to VIP and delayed luggage delivery and guest services at terminal Bags ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.

A full suite of client and consumer services that delivered via a streamlined digital platform. offers clients a complete inventory management and marketing solution for daily and monthly parking as well as large venues and special events.


An end-to-end integrated mobility platform for parking management that converges smart city initiatives across the globe, allowing parking asset owners, organizations, and individuals to collaborate, monetize, and consume parking spaces.

An industry leading ecommerce SaaS platform for airports propels airports to new heights driving incremental revenue. The platform allows for pre-booking of airport parking as well as non-aeronautical products.

KMP Digitata

An award-winning digital agency KMP Digitata based in Greater Manchester.  The agency excels in developing user centric, multi-channel digital experiences that deliver outstanding returns on investments.

USA Parking

Our premier hospitality support division, USA Parking, is the industry standard for parking services in the hospitality sector. This premier service reflects our 35+ years of experience delivering high-end parking operations and management services to over 300 hotels throughout the U.S.

Standard Parking

SP+ traces its business roots back to Standard Parking which began providing parking lot services in 1929 in the City of Chicago. It was initially a family owned and controlled business. The business operated under the corporate name of Standard Parking Corporation and is now part of the SP+ family of brands.

Central Parking was incorporated in 1968 and has a long history of providing parking lot services in the U.S. and Europe. The company has been both publicly and privately held over its many years of supporting parking operations. Central Parking became part of the SP+ family of brands following its merger with Standard Parking.

Technology Forward

Learn how SP+ is applying our mobility technology solutions aviation, commercial, hospitality and institutional clients throughout North America.

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Deploying decades of industry expertise to optimize operations and enhance the customer experience.
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Setting the standard with product solutions that address end-to-end client needs.

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